• Terri C. Harris

Look who's on the Naughty List

Hat tip to Larry Proffitt for sharing the list of Tennessee legislators and state employees who attended ALEC's annual meeting:

Ayers, Trevin- Committee Research Analyst, Tennessee Senate

Byrd, David- State Representative

Daniel, Martin- State Representative

Faison, Jeremy- State Senator

Foust, Brandy- Committee Research Analyst, Tennessee Senate

Garrett, Douglas- Legislative Attorney, Ofc of Legal Services, Tennessee General Assembly

Harbin, Ashley- Executive Assistant for Policy, Tennessee Senate - Leader's Office

Howell, Dan- State Representative

Jackson, Ed- State Senator

Kerr, John- Research Analyst, Tennessee General Assembly

Massey, Becky- Senator, State Senator

McConkey, Ronald- Policy Advisor, Tennessee General Assembly

Niceley, Frank- State Senator

Pratt, Rhett- Research Analyst, Tennessee General Assembly

Reedy, Jay- State Representative Tennessee Attorney General's Office

Skrmetti, Jonathan Chief Deputy Attorney General for Tennessee

Smith, Brandon Assistant Solicitor General, Tennessee Attorney General Office

Sparks, Michael, State Representative

Stevens, John, State Senator Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers' Lobbying group),

Venable, Tori- Tennessee Dir., Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers Lobbying Group)

Wood, Bonnie Legislative Attorney, Tennessee General Assembly

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