• Terri C. Harris

Money Laundering & No More Lies

In his latest blog, TREE Board Member and Vice President, TC Weber breaks down the Governor's State of the State address and tells us how Tennessee's largest school districts will be impacted:

So let’s summarize what Governor Lee’s proposed budget translates to for Tennessee’s urban school districts.

  • No money for teacher raises.

  • No help retaining veteran teachers.

  • Dictated curriculum and increased training time for teachers.

  • Increased competition for students from charter schools.

  • Increased competition for students from the ASD.

  • An increased number of independent charter schools housed in Nashville and Memphis.

  • Increased competition from private schools via the voucher program.

TC goes on to say.... "I may not be well versed in the new math, but I don’t see how this adds up to anything but a disaster for teachers, students, and families in Tennessee’s urban school districts and a windfall for the private corporations doing business with the state. If I was a little bolder, I might call it what it is, one big money laundering scheme. In with the public money, out to the private accounts. Someday maybe we’ll learn."

Read TC's full blog, What's a little Money Laundering Among Friends? And be sure to also catch his earlier blog, Not Even Going to Lie Anymore, which exposes how Tennessee Department of Education makes its textbook & curriculum material selections.


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